About Create Limitless You

I believe we are all limitless and capable of achieving our dreams in every aspect of our lives. My mission is to work with clients to address the root cause of behaviors and make positive changes.

Hello, I'm Sylwia

As business woman in the corporate and catering world, an accountant and working Mother of two children, I have always felt fairly fulfilled, but I had a niggling feeling there was something missing. I came across Rapid Transformational Therapy and after studying and practicing it, I found my purpose in life!

From an early age, I've always been interested in psychology and understanding why people behave the way they do. I've been through many different challenges in my life and experience emotional trauma, low self-esteem, depression, stress, disordered eating and illness. I got to a point where I felt lost and I knew I had to do something about it so I started looking into treatments and therapies and soon discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy.

I finally found something that worked for me with astonishingly fast results. I applied it to every aspect of my life and my lack of hope was replaced by the feeling I could achieve anything. It also made me realise that helping others to feel the same could be hugely rewarding and so I decided to become a therapist to help others transform their lives and feel empowered.

Rapid Transformation Therapy

Devised by Marisa Peer Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a hybrid approach that combines the most effective techniques from NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy to tackle the root causes of issues and transform lives powerfully and permanently. It uses the scientific principles of neuroplasticity to enable the creation of new neural pathways in the mind that lead to development of positive beliefs and attitude to drive the behaviour you want to see.

  • RTT is a pioneering therapy based on neuroscience that has the potential to offer fast, effective results.

  • It can deliver extraordinary results whether physical change, emotional uplift or reduction in psychological

    pain by reframing core beliefs, values, habits and emotions deep in the subconscious.

  • By rapidly rewiring the brain’s neural pathways, RTT replaces past belief systems and negative behavioural patterns. New life-affirming attitudes are formed and the transformational process begins.

The therapy will guide you into a deeply relaxed state to enable you to focus on past events. It is in this state that we work to uncover the meaning and interpretation you took from these experiences at the time and the beliefs that formed as a result. We then work on reframing the way you look at the past from your perspective today and establish new positive beliefs.


Coaching supports clients in reaching their goals in order to attain greater fulfilment. This might involve examining relationships, your careers or aspects of your day-to-day life. It can be seen as a way of closing the gap between your current circumstances and the life you’d like to lead.

A coach provides support that is essential for gaining momentum toward your goals, can recognise when you get stuck or put up blockers and barriers to help you regain motivation.

It works by clarifying goals, identify the obstacles holding you back and then exploring your skills, experience and personal attributes to devise strategies for overcoming each blocker. By helping you to take advantage of your strengths you get the support you need to achieve long-lasting change. One of the main benefits is the ability to gain a fresh, informed perspective on challenges that you face. In addition to offering new insight it can help you to identify and focus in on negative patterns that may be standing in the way of your success.