Client Testimonials

Here are some quotes from some of my happy customers


The RTT Hypnosis session I had with Sylwia on self sabotage was truly amazing. 
After my session and listening to the daily transformational audio tape, I started to notice massive changes to my thought process and beliefs. I’ve got this now, success is in sight! 
Sylwia you have made such an incredible impact on my life and I really can’t thank you enough!! 
You’re truly a star. 

Louise Thompson

I’ve been struggle for years with Self sabotage by using sugar to push down my emotions. After just one session of Rapid Transformational Therapy, I discovered and was able to reconcile the true cause of why I self-sabotage myself. Since I feel at peace and more in tune with my emotion, I don’t need any more sugar.
If you need some help, with anything, then I recommend you have a chat with Sylwia.
Thank you for this Amazing RTT session.


I had a session with Sylwia in January 2021, as I was having trouble with speaking up and speaking out.
After hypnotising me, which was gentler than I had imagined, I was able to understand why. Then, Sylwia was able to flip my ingrained beliefs that I had subconsciously cemented in my youth and change my perspective, and doing so unblocked my throat chakra and restored my ability to remember my dreams!
I was quite surprised at how relaxing her voice was on the recording, it's perfect for listening to before bed, so I'm happy to listen for the required 21 days, and happy to leave a positive review.
Thank you Sylwia I appreciate you!


I hadn't any previous experience with hypnotherapy but approached it with an open mind. I've struggled with a poor relationship with food for many years and approached Sylwia to see if she could help me with my binge eating habits. I was made to feel very safe, comfortable and the environment was completely without judgement. This was really important to me because shame was a huge part of why I felt unable to beat the cycle that I was stuck in. After the session I have continued to listen to Sylwia's recording and have seen significant changes in my thought processes and binge eating habits. It wasn't immediate, but day by day the positive voice in my head gets louder and louder and its's all thanks to Sylwia. I could not recommend a session with her enough.

F. R.

I had a wonderful session with Sylwia regarding money blocks. She made me feel so comfortable, open and guided me in unlashing all the deep-seated beliefs that affected my life for such a very long time and most importantly, she had skilfully made me realise the power of why it happened and how I can claim back my power and be free from these limiting thoughts. With her sensitivity, compassion, and kindness, I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to claim their power back and live a fulfilling, happy life.

Charmaine Reda Obias

I had an RTT session with Sylwia,  I was struggling with being able to relax and was unable to organise my day, always feeling overwhelmed and not enough – but after a session with the wonderful Sylwia, we were able to get to the root cause of my issues, which gave the understanding of why I had formed the beliefs I have today (had) this is slowly becoming the past, I am on day 18 of listening to my transformational recording. 

I now feel so much calmer, clearer minded, the fog has been lifted and I am able to go about my day easily, effortlessly getting everything done that needs to be done, which leaves time for me just to simply relax and know I am enough.  Looking forward to my unlimited freedom, knowing that everything my heart desires is available to me!!

Thank you Sylwia, for my incredible transformation!

Sarah Navesey