Do you suffer from anxiety?

Do you avoid social situations because of the fear or uncertainty?

Do you feel out of control?

Do you suffer from self-doubt?

Think you can’t be helped?

Well here’s the thing – You are not alone.

Millions of people around the world struggle with anxiety (and other problems cause by stress, fear, perfectionism, judgement, depression and low self-esteem). It can be triggered by multiple factors: work stress, death of family or friends, or financial worries.

We can figure out what is causing your anxiety and work to solve it.

If you’re feeling like anxiety is controlling you, I can help you take back the reins of your life using Rapid Transformation Therapy. This powerful tool interrupts, eradicates and reframes your damaging beliefs to empowering ones on a subconscious level, creating effortless and easy action to free you from your past and allow you to enjoy life today.

What are you waiting for? Anxiety is more common than you might believe. It’s more than likely you have unresolved trauma that needs to be processed. You don’t need to feel like you are alone - together we can help you to start living your life, without limits.


“You know that feeling when you're rocking on the back legs of your chair and suddenly for a split second you think you're about to fall; that feeling in your chest? Imagine that split second feeling being frozen in time and lodged in your chest for hours/days, and imagine with it that sense of dread sticking around too, but sometimes you don't even know why…that’s anxiety"

Source: Mind

1 in 6 experience anxiety in the UK

Anxiety is what we feel when we are worried, uneasy or afraid – it is a natural human reaction when we feel attacked or threatened. You may feel it through your thoughts, feelings or even physically. Even though, anxiety is a common feeling, it can have a huge impact on your life.

The physical effects of anxiety can show themselves through:

· Pins and needles

· Feeling restless

· Dizzy or light-headed

· Hyperventilating

· Headaches and backaches

· Fast heartbeat

· Hot flushes

· Grinding your teeth

· Sleep problems

The effects on your mind can show themselves when:

· You avoid situations because you feel anxious

· Your anxiety is challenging to control

· You are experiencing panic attacks

· You are finding it hard to do things you enjoy

· Your feelings of anxiety last a long time

· You’re wondering if you are experiencing anxiety

· You feel like you can’t stop worrying

· You feel low or are experiencing depression

Living with anxiety is difficult, and it can feel overwhelming but there are steps you can take!

Make the first step today towards a limitless you and speak to Sylwia.

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